About Element Training

Knowledge is useless if it is forgotten. We leverage the science of adult learning to improve the retention and application of knowledge and skills.

Element Training was built on the belief that training doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. So often, in an effort to get it right, we convolute things. We want to make sure we’ve captured all the details, the nuances, the processes, and the history to train and hand over ALL that we know. 

What most of us overlook, is that only 20% of all our knowledge and experience is what yields 80% of our results. 

At Element Training, we believe that when we uncover and isolate the critical elements (the 20%) we will get results faster. By getting very intentional with our focus, we not only increase the speed at which results unfold but also set them up to LAST. 

What Makes Us Different


We've been there and done that

The Founder of Element Training, Jesse, has been immersed in the world of learning and development for over fifteen years. She has first-hand experience as a consultant, trainer, coach, speaker, instructional designer, people manager, and IP developer in numerous profitable organizations.

With unique experience building, delivering, and consulting in the training space, Jesse knows what works and what doesn't because she has implemented it all herself. It is important to find a partner who not only has the knowledge but also the experience to back it up.


We're rooted in Science

Did you know there's an entire body of study with decades of research into adult learning theory? It may not sound sexy, but understanding how adults learn and—more importantly—apply learning, allows us to create experiences that produce results.

Have you ever been to a workshop and left only remembering a few highlights? Ever attended mandatory training and felt like NOTHING applied to you, and your time was wasted? Have you read a book, enjoyed the heck out of it, then weeks later realized you haven't applied anything from it? We sure have, so we bet you have too.

By focusing on how the adult brain works, we design training that will capture attention, allow for application and practice, improve knowledge transfer, and create a lasting change in performance and results.


we prioritize practicality

It's critical to find the balance between the perfect solution and the solution that is perfect for right now. Effective training doesn't need to be perfect. But it must be practical. We believe in progress over perfection and are committed to working with you to create a learning plan you can actually implement and sustain.

We hate to see expensive and cumbersome Learning Management Systems that no one knows how to use and great books that no one has time to read. One of the biggest challenges we face in today's world is just how BUSY we all are. Pair that with shrinking attention spans and we have a big problem.

Our approach breaks down complex information into bite-sized, practical elements that aren't overwhelming to implement.


We Take results seriously

How do you know if your training was a success? Let us take a guess... you did a survey at the end and people told you it was great. It was anonymous, so it must be accurate! Maybe you even tracked a Net Promoter Score (NPS). We hate to break it to you, but that's not enough.

Training is a major investment. Beyond the financial commitment, there is a significant investment of time and talent. Like any investment, you should expect to see a return on it. We're skilled in assessment and evaluation methodologies, and we design training to achieve predetermined outcomes and use relevant data points to measure success.


we believe in the power of fun

There is no reason training has to be stiff, stale, or boring. We see the value in incorporating humor, fun, and play into all that we do. And guess what? The science backs us up! Having fun releases dopamine, and dopamine stimulates memory retention. Fun training is effective training.

We make seriously good training by not taking ourselves too seriously.

Ready to have some fun with us?

Training doesn't have to be complicated

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